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Are you facing problems with your overhead warehouse door or your residential garage door? Is is working properly when opening and closing? We bet the problem is driving you mad, and you know what’s the worst part? It’s only about to get worse. Gig Harbor Garage Door Repair offers a huge variety of services that will have your back when it comes to garage door servicing. Gig Harbor Garage Door Repair offers only the best, in not only solving minor repairs like broken remote or spring replacements, but also restructuring the entire visage of the garage and complete commercial garage door opener installations. Broken links and springs, bowed or broken rollers, and twisted, rusted or misaligned tracks is totally under control with us. When the job is done by one of our technicians, you know it’s done properly.  Stop the worries about getting through your door.

Garage Door Service Gig Harbour
Garage Door Repair in Gig Harbour

Gig Harbor Garage Door Repair has been at the forefront of commercial garage door opener and residential garage door service since its start. Come see the team at our Gig Harbor showroom! Browse our new garage door brochures and ask for a free estimate!


When it comes to the springs, broken springs most of all, you have an idea of the apprehension of getting your fingers stuck. The idea of having to adjust or fix them yourself sends a small chill down your spine and sets up memories of the snagged finger, swearing and bruising from previous tries, a knot forming in the pit of your stomach as you think about it, and remembering  the fact that it needs to be done again. How about we take care of that and get you a trained expert from Gig Harbor Garage Door Repair, who will be answering your call, getting to you as soon as he hangs up the phone, and solving the problem so quickly you will wonder if he was ever there. Instead of creaking, finger ripping springs when you enter the garage you will see a brand new shiny equipment installed so well that you will want to touch it to see if it is real. No waked-up, annoyed neighbors with the screaming hinges and whining motor of the carport door anymore. This door doesn’t sit off center and the unsightly gap the mice have been using as an entrance to your house will be once again sealed. You are finally feeling comfortable, and what did it cost you? Nothing more than one phone call to Gig Harbor Garage Door Repair. Avoid yourself having to get an exterminator for those annoying rodents and start realising how the appearance of your house will improve,  You  will wonder why you didn’t call Gig Harbor Garage Door Repair before for your commercial and residential garage door services.

Remember that not everyone is an expert at everything, but at Gig Harbor Garage Door Repair we are experts in garage doors.  The backyard handymen may have missed some of the smaller details, but not even contractors know all of the building codes and techniques, but Gig Harbor Garage Door Repair certainly. As professionals, our duty is to know everything about garage doors, repairs, and replacements. Our experts can handle easily the repairing of broken remotes and the installing of complete commercial garage door. Avoid the agony of doing it by yourself. You certainly want to hire the best of the best to get it done right for once and for all! Gig Harbor Garage Door Repair, call us at any time.

Garage Door Service Gig Harbour, WAGig Harbor Garage Door Repair not only has been one of the leading commercial garage door opener installers in Gig Harbor but has actually begun to receive recognition for their work from manufacturers of new garage doors worldwide! Making a name for ourselves through quality and customer satisfaction, one garage door opener at a time.

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